Gajar Ka Halwa: Try This Healthy Breakfast Recipe Today

July 2, 2024

Gajar ka halwa is a delicious and nutritious Indian dessert, especially during the winter season. It is not only a treat for the taste buds, but also a source of vitamin A, calcium, and antioxidants.

But did you know that Gajar ka halwa can also be a healthy breakfast option? Yes, you heard it right. This filling dish can provide you with the energy and nutrients you need to start your day on a positive note. It can also keep you full and satisfied for a long time, preventing you from overeating or snacking on junk food.

If you are looking for a way to make your mornings more enjoyable and wholesome, then Gajar ka halwa is the perfect choice for you. You can prepare it in advance and store it in the refrigerator, or make it fresh in the morning with some simple ingredients. 

About Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe

Gajar ka halwa is a carrot-based sweet dessert pudding popular in North India, especially during the winter season. It is full of flavors and health benefits as it has ingredients like grated carrots, milk, sugar, ghee, and dry fruits.  

There are different ways to make this delicious dish and one of the most popular remains the Kali Gajar ka Halwa. The Kali Gajar ka Halwa recipe is quite similar to the normal one, just replace the red Gajar (Carrot) with Kali Gajar (Black Carrot).     

Gajar ka halwa is not just a dessert, but a part of our culture and tradition. It reminds us of the warmth and love of our family and friends, who share this sweet dish with us on special occasions. It also brings back the memories of our childhood, when we used to wait eagerly for our mothers or grandmothers to make this mouth-watering delicacy for us.

So, relieve our childhood memories again and make this delicious dish. Here’s what you need to know about this recipe. 

  • Preparation Time: 30 Minutes 
  • Cooking Time: 45 Minutes
  • Total Time: 1 Hour and 15 minutes 
  • Servings: 2-3

Nutrition Facts for Gajar Ka Halwa

                               Nutrition Facts (Per 100 gm Serving)
Nutrients Daily Value (%)
Calories 472 
Total fat 43 gm
Sodium 582 mg
Potassium 147 mg
Total carbohydrates 48 gm (3%)
Dietary fibre 3 gm (13%)
Sugar 32 gm
Protein 10 gm
Calcium 361 mg
Iron 1 mg
Magnesium  8 mg
Phosphorus 10 mg
Zinc 1 mg
Vitamin K 8µg
Vitamin B (Folate) 17µg

Gajar Ka Halwa Ingredients

  • 2 cups Red Carrot (Peeled and Grated)
  • 1½ cups Full-fat Milk
  • 2½ tbsp Ghee (clarified butter)
  • 1/4 Cup Sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon Cardamom Powder
  • 6 Cashew nuts, chopped
  • 6 Almonds, sliced
  • 8 Raisins

How to Make Gajar Ka Halwa? (Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe in English)

Here’s a step-by-step instructions for making delicious Gajar Ka Halwa: 

Step 1: Grating Carrots

To make carrot halwa, you can choose either regular or desi carrots. The first thing you need to do is peel and grate them. You can use a box grater or a food processor for this task. I like to use a food processor because it saves me time and effort.

Step 2: Roasting Dry Fruits

  • Heat some ghee in a pot. You only need about 1 to 2 tbsp of ghee. This ghee is for roasting nuts and dried fruits, and frying grated carrots.
  • Add cashews to the ghee. You can also add other nuts like almonds or pistachios to your carrot halwa.
  • Roast the cashews until they turn light golden brown. Then add golden raisins. Be careful not to add raisins with the cashews, or they might burn.
  • Use a slotted spoon to remove the roasted nuts and dried fruits and keep them aside.

Step 3: Making Gajar Halwa

  • After you take out the nuts and dried fruits, add the grated carrots and fry them for 5 to 6 minutes until they lose their raw smell.
  • Pour in some milk. Put a lid on the pot and cook on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes until the carrots are soft and the milk has evaporated.
  • Now the carrots are cooked and dry.
  • Add some sugar. You can vary the amount of sugar according to your preference.
  • Stir the sugar into the halwa. 
  • Now add some ghee gradually and cook until the halwa becomes thick.
  • Now add khoya and mix well.
  • Add the roasted nuts, dried fruits, and cardamom powder. Mix well.
  • Your Gajar ka Halwa is ready. Serve it with vanilla ice cream if you wish.

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe in Hindi (Gajar ka Halwa Kaise Banta Hai)

स्वादिष्ट गाजर का हलवा बनाने के लिए चरण-दर-चरण निर्देश यहां दिए गए हैं:

चरण 1: गाजर को कद्दूकस करें

गाजर का हलवा बनाने के लिए आप लाल या काली गाजर में से किसी एक को ले सकते हैं. सबसे पहले आपको उन्हें छीलकर कद्दूकस करना होगा। इस कार्य के लिए आप बॉक्स ग्रेटर या फ़ूड प्रोसेसर का उपयोग कर सकते हैं। मुझे फ़ूड प्रोसेसर का उपयोग करना पसंद है क्योंकि इससे मेरा समय और मेहनत बचती है।

चरण 2: सूखे मेवों को भूने

  • एक कढ़ाई में थोड़ा घी गर्म करें. आपको केवल 1 से 2 बड़े चम्मच घी की आवश्यकता है। यह घी सूखे मेवों को भूनने और कद्दूकस की हुई गाजर को तलने के लिए है।
  • घी में काजू डाल दीजिये. आप अपने गाजर के हलवे में बादाम या पिस्ता जैसे अन्य मेवे भी मिला सकते हैं।
  • काजू को हल्का सुनहरा भूरा होने तक भून लीजिए. – फिर इसमें किशमिश डालें. सावधान रहें कि काजू के साथ किशमिश न डालें, नहीं तो वे जल सकते हैं।
  • भुने हुए मेवे निकालने के लिए एक स्लेटेड चम्मच का उपयोग करें और उन्हें एक तरफ रख दें।

चरण 3: गाजर का हलवा बनाये 

  • कढ़ाई में से मेवे मेवे निकालने के बाद, कद्दूकस की हुई गाजर डालें और उन्हें 5 से 6 मिनट तक भूनें जब तक कि उनकी कच्ची महक खत्म न हो जाए।
  • थोड़ा सा दूध डालो. बर्तन पर ढक्कन लगाएं और धीमी आंच पर 10 से 15 मिनट तक पकाएं जब तक कि गाजर नरम न हो जाए और दूध सूख न जाए।
  • अब थोड़ी सी चीनी डालें और मिला दीजिये.
  • अब इसमें धीरे-धीरे थोड़ा घी डालें और हलवे को गाढ़ा होने तक पकाएं.
  • अब इसमें खोया डालकर अच्छी तरह मिला लें.
  • भुने हुए मेवे, सूखे मेवे और इलायची पाउडर डालें। अच्छी तरह से मलाएं।
  • आपका गाजर का हलवा तैयार है. आप चाहें तो इसे वेनिला आइसक्रीम के साथ परोसें।

Serving Ideas for Gajar Ka Halwa

You can enjoy this delicious dessert in various ways. You can serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a wonderful contrast of hot and cold textures and flavors. 

Or you can serve it as a sweet side dish in an Indian meal. Whichever way you choose to relish this sweet treat, it will delight your palate.

Tips and Variations For Gajar Ka Halwa

  • To get a soft texture, do not mix sugar with milk. Add sugar later in the process.
  • If you want to serve carrot halwa with ice cream, keep some milk in it. This will make it more moist and soft.
  • The taste of this sweet depends a lot on the type and quality of Gajar. Choose Gajar that are juicy and sweet.
  • For a creamy texture, put 1/4 cup of unsweetened khoya (Mawa). If you are using sweet khoya, then use less sugar.
  • To make Gajar halwa creamier, use condensed milk. Add 1/4 cup of sweet condensed milk and only 1 tablespoon of sugar.

Over To You

Gajar Ka Halwa is one of the most popular and delicious desserts in India. It is a festive dish that is often made for celebrations and special events. It is a smooth and decadent sweet dish that is cooked with carrots, clarified butter, sugar, milk, cardamom, and nuts. 

It is a wonderful way to satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoy a satisfying meal. You can easily prepare it at home with some time and skill. Above, we have given you a simple recipe for Gajar Ka Halwa that you can try.


How many Calories are in 100 grams of Gajar Halwa?  

According to the recipe search results, the calorie information for 100 grams of Gajar Halwa varies from 319 to 557 depending on the ingredients and methods used.

Why Gajar ka Halwa is So Tasty?  

Gajar ka Halwa is so tasty because it is made with freshly grated carrots, full-fat milk, sugar, ghee, cardamom powder, and nuts. These ingredients create a rich, creamy, and aromatic dessert that is delicately sweetened and flavored.

How was Gajar ka Halwa Invented?  

The origin of Gajar ka Halwa is not clear, but some sources suggest that it was first made in the Mughal era when the royal cooks experimented with different ingredients and techniques. Another theory is that it was introduced by the Punjabi immigrants who settled in North India and brought their culinary traditions with them.

Can We Eat Carrot Halwa Daily?  

Carrot Halwa is a delicious dessert, but it is also high in calories, fat, and sugar. Therefore, it is advisable to eat it in moderation and not daily. It can be enjoyed occasionally as a treat or during festivals and special occasions.

Is Gajar Halwa Unhealthy?  

Gajar Halwa is not unhealthy if it is made with good-quality ingredients and consumed in small portions. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, antioxidants, and fiber, which are beneficial for health. However, excessive intake of sugar, ghee, and milk can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and cholesterol problems.

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